Lunch Menu

March 18-22


Creamy spinach soup. 43
Lasagna, rabbit, salsiccia, tomatoes, mozzarella. 147
Chicken skewer, garlic dip, Coleslaw, roasted potatoes. 147
Grilled cod, mussels, fish stock, chickpea ragout. 168


Spicy garlic soup. 43
Sabich sandwich. 136
Spaghetti alla carbonara. 147
Veal saltimbocca, sweet potato purée. 168


Potato soup with mushrooms. 43
Rice salad, roasted vegetable, dill, pistachios, pita. 136
Turkey steak, kohlrabi purée, smoked tea sauce. 147
Grilled entrecôte, bearnaise sauce, mashed potatoes. 168


Chicken broth, roasted vegetables. 43
Green hummus, mozzarella, pita bread. 136
Pork loin, lemon sauce, roasted potatoes. 147
Roasted salmon, spinach salad, buckwheat, fennel. 168


Roasted carrot soup. 43
Parmesan ravioli, tomato sauce, basil. 147
Chicken quarter, rosemary sauce, jasmine rice. 147
Burger, pulled BBQ ribs, fries. 168

Sabich is another meal popular in Tel Aviv. Pita bread filled with slices of fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg, a generous layer of creamy hummus, crunchy pickles, salad with tahini sauce makes the ultimate sandwich.

All prices are in CZK including VAT.